Past special events

29. Jul, 2019

Geshe Zopa returned to Wagga Wagga during his second Australian Tour for the year! 

Geshe Tenzin Zopa is a renowned international Buddhist teacher.He is well known for his charismatic way ofdelivering Buddhist teachings and attracted audiences world-wide. Geshe Zopa featured in an award-winning film “Unmistaken Child” some years ago and has recently been awarded World Peace Congress Global Peace Leadership andExcellence Award in February 2019Read more about the details on Geshe Zopa's recent International Peace Award and his full biography by clicking here. During his visit to Wagga, the following talks have been organised for Wagga Wagga and Riverina people.

18 April 2019, Topic: Meditation for happiness

What is meditation? How to set right motivation for meditation? What are the benefits of meditation? Is there a link between meditation and happiness?

19 April 2019, Topic: The facts of karma

Karma has been the fad in people's everyday conversation but do we really know what karma is? By understanding the reality of karma, how do we benefit from this in our everyday lives?  

20 April 2019, Topic : Boundless Love

Love is our deepest longing. We want to love, be loved and to love ourselves. Connecting with boundless love offers us the opportunity, the taste of true “equanimity”, or as we say in Western culture “serenity”.

In this talk we discover how it is possible to care deeply without attachment. 

3. Jan, 2019

Together with the Wagga Aus-Sri Lankan Cultural Association (WASCA), Potowa Buddhist Group co-organised this inaugural celebration in Wagga Wagga and offer it to the public in May 2018.

WASCA group has hand-made some beautiful lanterns, which has been very welcomed by the local communities. A Vesak Day message was delivered by Venerable Devarakkhitha Thero from Melbourne. 

3. Jan, 2019

Geshe Sherab visited Potowa in Wagga again from 10-11 February 2018! During his few day's visits, we received teachings from Geshe-la on various topics: "How to be my own boss?", "The foundation of a happy life" and "Medicine Buddha - benefits and practices" and we had a great inaugural animal blessings ceremony in Wagga! To perfect the animal blessings, we are very lucky to be able to showcase the mini Stupa loaned from Kunsang Yeshe, our sister centre in Blue Mountains - very kind of them!

24. Nov, 2017

Geshe Zopa came back during September 2017 and we have benefited a lot during his visit from the following events.
1. Geshe Zopa was on air with 2AAAFM on Marguerite's Friday Magazine on 22 September where Geshe-la shared about his story and his views on peace and happiness. You can access the interview online here:
2. Public talk on "Cultivating Inner Peace", which was held on the UN International Peace Day, 21 September.
3. In conjunction with the UN International Day of Peace, an inaugural multi-faith dialogue was held in Wagga Wagga on 23 September featuring four key religions in the world where Geshe Zopa represented the Buddhists. This event is organised by 'Our Common Word' where Potowa Buddhist Group is the co-organiser and proudly sponsored by Multicultural Council Wagga Wagga and AAA Lasting impression.
4. Geshe Zopa has also consecrated a Medicine Buddha on the 24 September, with Venerable Thubten Chokyi's presence as well. This results in monthly Medicine Buddha Puja offered to the public commencing October 2017.

19. Jul, 2017

25-26 February 2017: Geshe Sherab returns to Wagga for the second time and delivered talks entitled "What Buddhists believe?" and "Staying sane in chaos-dealing with emotional upheaval". We also enjoyed a picnic and train ride at the botanical garden!