1. Medicine Buddha Puja

We offer Medicine Buddha Puja (prayers) once a month. The session includes Buddhist prayers and meditation that focus on power and benefits of Medicine Buddha. Medicine Buddha practice is a very powerful method for healing purposes: both physical and spiritual healing. More information about Medicine Buddha practice can be found here

We also offer dedication service at the end of puja, for any dedication you like us to do on behalf. If you have any request, including prayers for the deceased, please contact us.

The following Medicine Buddha Pujas have been scheduled for the first two months of 2019:




21 January 2019 (Monday)

6pm – 7.30pm

19 February 2019 (Tuesday)

7pm – 8.30pm



A private residence in Estella suburb. Please contact us for address. 

COSTS:  Free. Donations of any amount are welcome.

You can also support us by purchasing Dharma items/books from us. Please enquire about Dharma items/books available.

No RSVP is required, just turn up with an open heart and mind. You are welcome to bring any offerings for the Medicine Buddha - flowers, fruits, non-perishable & packed food or drinks (vegetarian food only), which you can then bring home after the puja. 

Anyone is welcome. You do not need to be a Buddhist to join this puja.

Enquires? Please contact us.

2. Meditation and discussion

This service is offered twice a month, usually on the second and forth Wednesdays of the month (except for Jan 2019 due to school holidays). We will commence the session with guided meditation.


We will do various forms of meditation throughout the year. From January-February 2019, as a continuation of our meditation pracitce from 2018, we will do meditation practice on "LamRim", base on a guided CD by Ven. Thubten Chodron. You can read more about the book here or purchase the book and CD here, if so wish.


We will read and discuss a commentary text by Geshe Tenzin Zopa called "Lam Rim". The text can be accessed here. The Lam Rim, or "graduated path", is a presentation of Shakyamuni Buddha's teachings that details the stages in the complete path to enlightenment. The study of this commentary text is suitable for anyone who would be interested to seek lasting happiness by learning what's taught by the Buddha more than 2,500 years ago.

The regular activities planned for the first 2 months of 2019:




16 January 2019 (Wed)

6:30pm – 8.30pm

30 January 2019 (Wed)

6:30pm – 8.30pm

13 February 2019 (Wed)

6:30pm – 8.30pm

27 February 2019 (Wed)

6:30pm – 8.30pm

Note: door opens 6.30pm and closes 8.30pm. Meditation commences from 6.45pm and lasts till about 7.15pm. If you arrive after 6.45pm, please come in quietly. Readings run from 7.30pm – 8.15pm. You are welcome to join only meditation or discussion or both.

LOCATION: Multicultural Council Wagga Wagga (MCWW)

MCWW is located at 18, Station Pl, just next to the Wagga train station. When you are at the roundabout facing the train station, follow the road and drive pass the main entrance of the train station and you'll see the main gate of MCWW. Drive through the gate and drive pass underneath the bridge, there are plenty of parking lots available on MCWW ground.

COSTS: FREE. Donations of any amount are welcome.

You can also support us by purchasing Dharma items/books from us. Please enquire about Dharma items/books available.

No RSVP is required for all the regular activities, just turn up with an open heart and mind. Please bring your own cusion for meditation, if needed.

Enquires? Please contact us.

Why are Dharma activities offered free at Potowa?

I believe every individual whose heart has ever been touched by the Dharma (Buddha's teachings) before will agree with me, that Dharma is so much in need in this world, very precious and also invaluable. Hence, it is my personal intention to offer all Dharma related activities free of charge so that everyone can access to these activities and gain benefits.

Of course, we do have expenses to pay such as some fixed administrative costs of the group and facilities costs (flights + accommodation) for visiting teachers. So to cover some of these costs, we do provide the opportunity for everyone to make donations of any amount on a voluntary basis. The point is, this act of giving is a genuine act of practicing generosity which is coming from our own side as the donor. Generosity, the first of the six perfections as taught by the Shakyamuni Buddha, when practiced wholeheartedly by Buddhist or non-Buddhist will bring heaps of unimaginable benefits to the donor. As such, donations of any amount are always welcome anytime and received with much gratitude.