Welcome to Potowa Buddhist Group's website!

Inspired by the great compassion and wisdom of our spiritual guides, Potowa Buddhist Group was formed in 2015 and based in Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia. We are a Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition (FPMT) study group and are guided by Vajrayana Institute. Based in Sydney, Vajrayana Institute is a Buddhist centre affiliated with FPMT. More information about Vajrayana Institute can be found here: https://www.vajrayana.com.au/ 

FPMT is an organisation devoted to the transmission of the Mahayana Buddhist tradition and values worldwide through teaching, meditation and community service. It is founded in 1975 by Lama Thubten Yeshe and Lama Thubten Zopa Rinpoche (pictured), who is now the spiritual director for the organisation. Currently, FPMT has more than 161 centres, projects, services and study groups in 37 countries. More information about FPMT is available here: http://fpmt.org/