Help us to make all activities accessible to all

Dharma is priceless, invaluable and yet so much needed by every individual in this world. To allow us to reap the most benefits from the teachnigs of the Buddha, we would like to offer all Dharma related activities free of charge so that everyone will be able to access to Dharma without having to worry about costs.

On a practical side, of course we do have expenses to pay such as some fixed administrative costs of the group and facilities costs (flights + accommodation) for visiting teachers. These have been supported mainly by our committee members and individuals who attend our activities regularly. There is no expectation to make any donations but voluntary donations of any amount (such as a gold coin) is available for anyone who is willing to do so and in fact very beneficial for anyone who does it with the right motivation (to help to make Dharma accessible to all so that all beings are able to achieve lasting happiness eventually). 

You can also support us by purchasing items on sale from us. You can view items on sale by clicking on the sub-menu. Proceeds from these items help to run the activities of this group. Once we receive your order, we will email you about the postage and handling cost before you arrange for payment.

You can donate or pay for items purchased by banking into the following account (Beyond Bank):

Name: Potowa Study Group

BSB: 325185

Account no: 03604355